Mac external monitor colors and quality -problem and solution

As an illustrator, colors and quality of screen monitor must be corrected and accurate. I have been confronting with the problem for long time. After I have been using Bootcamp Windows to fix this issue, finally after a long research and experiment I found the solution.

Solution for Force RGB for Mac
1. Connected external screen and use it as a default monitor.
2 Download the script file “patch-edid.rb” (from this link) and put it in the home directory.
3. Open Terminal and type “ruby patch-edid.rb” then run it.
4. Move the extracted folder to “/System/Library/Displays/Overrides”
( System folder in OS Maverick is hidden so you can search system folder by Go to the home > shift+option+G > Go — put /System/ )
5. Make sure that you have back up the folder ( if it needs to replace )
6. Restart and you will see the quality and color improvement.