Mac external monitor colors and quality -problem and solution

As an illustrator, colors and quality of screen monitor must be corrected and accurate. I have been confronting with the problem for long time. After I have been using Bootcamp Windows to fix this issue, finally after a long research and experiment I found the solution.

Solution for Force RGB for Mac
1. Connected external screen and use it as a default monitor.
2 Download the script file “patch-edid.rb” (from this link) and put it in the home directory.
3. Open Terminal and type “ruby patch-edid.rb” then run it.
4. Move the extracted folder to “/System/Library/Displays/Overrides”
( System folder in OS Maverick is hidden so you can search system folder by Go to the home > shift+option+G > Go — put /System/ )
5. Make sure that you have back up the folder ( if it needs to replace )
6. Restart and you will see the quality and color improvement.

Collection of free painting and digital art programs

If you like to paint digitally, it doesn't matter what program you are using. As long as it is functional enough for you, and you enjoy painting when you use it. I love to try all painting programs, it's like exploring.

Though we already know that Photoshop, Painter and Sai are great, but there are free ones that are good enough to create artwork as beautiful as those programs. : )

Many times that I randomly posted about them but this time I want to collect them all here! So it will be convenient for you all to check and compare them. What I can say is that I'm grateful and appreciate those creators who spent their time and hard working and share them to us. 

That's why I want to support and share them and I hope they are helpful somehow for you. I will keep updating when there is any new information

  • Alchemy The coolest one ! It's very good for creating thumbnails and concepts.
  • Awesome painting apps by Bitbof
    Webchemy Similar to Alchemy! but on web
    Kleki Simple but great I tried and it's really good
    Doodler Love this one!! Good for practicing
  • MyPaint I personally love this one. It's really good and there are various brushes that work for manga/comic, concept design, illustration painting.
  • Krita Functional and interesting. One of the best here and it has just released.
  • Gimp I'm sure you have heard about it before.
    Gimpshop This Gimp features are more similar to Photoshop. More info and tuts.
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Express (OS) & Autodesk Sketchbook Copic (Wins/OS)
    This ones I guarantee, They are very good. Clean interface and easy to use.
  • Fire Alpaca I'm in love with this program. Try it and you will know.
  • Open Canvas 1.1 One of my most favourite, and the first program I've ever used.
     (Pen pressure for Oekaki J tablet )
  • Chibi Paint If you are a fan of SAI & Oekaki style.
  • Oekaki Shi-Painter 1.114 This is one of the most favourite tool when I started painting digital. Though it's very old but it's still powerful in my opinion. You can paint from simple pixel to cg work.
  • Ink Scape Similar to Adobe Illustrator. Good for vector art.
  • Sumo Paint  Application on website good for sketching.
  • Twisted Brush Alternative one for digital painting.

    Pixel Art
  • Graphics Gale For pixel artist. The best one.
  • Grafx2 Designed exactly for pixel artist and has lots of specific features.
  • Aseprite It's perfect for game sprites. Interface had some bugs and some features haven't been implemented.

    Effect & misc.
  • Silk Really cool ambient painting.
  • Gravity Swarm Creating some cool effect. 
  • Neonflames Creating effects.
  • Texter Paint with texts.

Art gives us a chance to express our feeling. When we paint and enjoy it. Sometime we just forget how we feel and concern too much on something else. So it would be nice right? if we can feel that fun again. : )

New website.

Welcome to my new website! : ) I will update more information in the future.
Thank you very much for your visiting. I will keep practicing harder to improve my skill.