Tida Kietsungden

Throughout Tida’s childhood she was interested in drawing and was inspired by various categories and styles from illustration books, comics, animation films and games. Since Tida was young, she has lived in multiple countries because of her family's business. She has learned from different cultures and portrayed them into her art.

Tida has been self-studying classical art fundamentals and techniques for many years through the use of books, from her parents and professional artists from Art Institutions. Upon graduating from the University with a Bachelor’s degree Fine and Applied Art she spent a few years working as an illustrator and concept artist for various book publishers, film,and game development studios such as Warner Bros. Studio, Square Enix, Fromsoftware, Cygames and Applibot.

Previous Clients

  • Warner Bros.
  • Square Enix
  • Applibot
  • Cygames
  • Nexon
  • PCgamer
  • FromSoftware
  • Pokelabo Inc.
  • InfinitaleRPG
  • Rift Entertainment
  • Kalescent Studios
  • Four World Sinc.
  • Thinkingbox
  • To The World Co.